To introduce and showcase innovative and creative design work and ideas by local design students to industries, potential employers, society, etc;
To provide an avenue for design students to demonstrate their creative exploitation of arts and design;
To provide insights to secondary students on art & design subjects offered by local higher learning institutes;
To showcase the role of Malaysia Design Council in promoting design in Malaysia and to create awareness and generate interest in art & science among Malaysians.


To exhibit the work by design graduates that have been assessed and passed examinations at their institutions. Focus will be on the following 6 fields:

INDUSTRIALdesign               CERAMICdesign               FINE METALdesign              

TEXTILEdesign               FASHIONdesign               GRAPHICdesign


---›  Walk In Interview by Potential Employers ---›  Fashion show
---›  Art & Design Talk ---›  Creative & Unique Products Sales
---›  Art Demo ---›  Magic Show
---›  Software Demo ---›  Design Hardware Demo