Design Council

The Malaysia Design Council (MRM) was established in 1993 to pave a future of innovation and design for Malaysia. It spearheads design programs in the country to boost the industry’s design expertise, capabilities and standards.

MRM was initiated under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and is currently under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. It is regarded as a think tank and advisor to evolve innovative designs among Malaysians, and to ensure that we are on par with international standards.

MRM has strived to promote the effective use of design and thinking in business, education and government. To date, it continues with its efforts to elevate designing methods and to catapult the creativity among manufacturers. With the guidance and recommendations from MRM, Malaysian companies are now able to move ahead and forge a greater bond with their consumers through their increased expertise in creating eye-catching products.


Industrial design is the professional practice of designing products used by millions of people around the world every day. Industrial designers not only focus on the appearance of a product, but also on how it functions, is manufactured and ultimately the value and experience it provides for users. Every product you have in your home and interact with is the result of a design process and thousands of decisions aimed at improving your life through design.

Industrial Design is a process of creative thinking and activities; meant to optimize the innovation of product value, safety, aesthetics, appearance, ergonomics and functions through analyzing market trends and lifestyles. It involves creating, developing, planning, managing and facilitating design, and through its manufacturing process, it will promote mankind to embrace a sustainable design environment.

Therefore, industrial designers play a vital role in finding solutions to issues facing society today, by designing, developing and managing the implementation of design solutions and evaluating their effectiveness, towards improving people’s wellbeing with the ultimate goals of achieving sustainability.

What Is
Industrial Designer

Competence comprises the knowledge, skills, displaying professional attitudes, working with ethical conduct and committing to ongoing professional development. Competent designers exercise enhanced professionalism in a variety of situations, applying and building on previous experience and using state-of-the-art technologies.

Challenges such as increasing levels of design services, a greater requirement to work globally, skills and resources availability and infiltration of new forms of technologies are all changing the face of the industrial design profession.

Therefore, industrial designers should not only possess a high level technical or job specific competence but also generic competence such as research skills, communication and interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity, team working, digital skills, etc.

Malaysia Design Council (MRM) Standard on Competence Criteria For Industrial Designers provides the competence measurement that is intended to allow evidence of individual, and/or groups of competence to be assessed and evaluated.