Design Visit & Networking

Despite all of the core activities done by MRM such as Malaysia Good Design Award, Malaysia Design Competition, Design Seminars, Design Talks, Design Workshops, Design Innovation Exploration (DIX) and Exhibition, MRM had also organize a new program which called "Design Visit".

"Design Visit" is a new approach by MRM in fostering its functions which is to promote the effectiveness use of design and thinking in business, education and government. Having the same goal as any other approach, Design Visit targets a greater public awareness by exposing them to the current design trend and design industries.

Generally "Design Visit" welcome student from Secondary schools, University, Private sector Company, Government Agency and also Non Governmental Organizations (NGO). By having all of these external stakeholders coming, this will eventually build a good reputation for the company in both trust and assurance. Besides, this program is an opportunity for the public to have a better understanding of the design industry. They may seek advice, opinion and consultation from our expert Senior Designers.

Through this, details regarding technology used in making the final product, material used, functionality and the design of a product can explained precisely.

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